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  • ShingleStyle
    The Shingle Style and the Stick Style

    As the definitive study of the complex inspirations and cultural influences that were fused in the Shingle Style of wooden suburban and resort buildings of the period 1872 to 1889,…

  • Dore
    Gustave Dore 1832-1883

    The diverse oeuvre of Gustave Doré—illustrations, paintings, sculpture—combines with biography and critical essays and attests to the artist’s enduring impact on contemporary culture. Proclaimed "the most illustrious of illustrators," Gustave…

  • PreservingNewYork
    Preserving New York

    Preserving New York is the largely unknown inspiring story of the origins of New York City’s nationally acclaimed landmarks law. The decades of struggle behind the law, its intellectual origins,…

  • From Pompeii 1
    From Pompeii

    When Vesuvius erupted in 79 CE, the force of the explosion blew the top right off the mountain, burying nearby Pompeii in a shower of volcanic ash. Ironically, the calamity…

  • 100 Getaways Around the World 1
    100 Getaways Around the World

    Rooms with a view. nbsp;A hotel is a hotel is a hotel?: Not in this collection of 100 heavenly hideaways nbsp; When traveling for business, modern man and woman often…


Ride in Style: 1001 Dream Bikes

If you've walked around New York City lately you've inevitably seen countless cyclists of all ages peddling hither a...

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