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  • The Everything Store 1
    The Everything Store

    The definitive story of Amazon.com, one of the most successful companies in the world, and of its driven, brilliant founder, Jeff Bezos. Amazon.com started off delivering books through the mail.…

  • Lost New York
    Lost New York

    When it was first published in 1968, the critically acclaimed LOST NEW YORK became an instant classic for the way it reawakened a lost city. Now expanded and updated, with…

  • Preserving the World's Great Cities
    Preserving the World's Great Cities

    Both epic and intimate, this is the story of the fight to save the world’s architectural and cultural heritage as it is embodied in the extraordinary buildings and urban spaces…

  • ShingleStyle
    The Shingle Style and the Stick Style

    As the definitive study of the complex inspirations and cultural influences that were fused in the Shingle Style of wooden suburban and resort buildings of the period 1872 to 1889,…

  • The Interior Circuit 1
    The Interior Circuit

    Coming off the most successful book of a decorated career- Say Her Name - The Interior Circuit is Francisco Goldman's timely and provocative journey into the heart of Mexico City.…


Looking Back on Rizzoli's History

Just over four months ago, Rizzoli Bookstore closed its doors to our beloved 57th Street location. Like many of you, w...

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